East Bay H3
EBH3 Run #1114
99 in the Shade
Sunday, July 7, 2024, 1:00 pm
: Redwood Bowl Staging Area
: Bob Fosse and FMP ()
: 80 °F / 27 °C, clear, gentle breeze.
: $6
: D Monaghan's on the Hill, 2820 Mountain Blvd, Oakland

Redwood Bowl Staging Area. If the lot is full, park at Chabot Space Center. 

We will finish at Redwood Picnic Area, a quarter mile from the parking lot.

The Hash Run is a FULLY SHADED ROUTE. It will still be warm, in the high 70's in the park. In consideration of the heat, we've kept the miles on the low side.
Forecast temperature is only 78° for the park.
Redwood Bowl Staging Area is in Joaquin Miller Park near Chabot Space Center.

If you are not comfortable moving in the heat, you can drink all of the beer and fondle the hares while the others run.

- Turkey under 5mi, Eagle about 6.5mi, and lots of walking routes.
- We promise some virgin single-track trail, but that means PO.
- Fresh spider webs for the FRBs.
- A Beer Check, maybe jello-shots.
- PO on about one mile of narrow trail; wear shiggy sox.
- Picnic tables.

My number is 650-759-4700

On-After is at a Hasher favorite - D Monaghan's On the Hill at 2820 Mountain Blvd, Oakland

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