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Agnews State Hash House Harriers
Agnews Run #442205
Quantum Leap 2024!
Thursday, February 29, 2024, 6:30 pm
: 37.3106071, -122.0410186
: Today is Monday
: 52 °F / 11 °C, light rain, partially cloudy, gentle breeze.
Meet at Jollyman Park and look for familiar feces! MONEY AND ID REQUIRED. Strollers ok, doggos only if you wanna stay outside while everyone goes inside. I right their wrongs, I fight their fights - geez, I feel like I'm Don Quixot!

It all started when a time travel experiment I was conducting went... a little ka-ka! Expect 4.69mis of trail with 1 BC/FC combo! Getting a chance to put things right, to make the world a better place - who knows what I can accomplish before I'm done.