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Silicone Valley H3
SVH3 Run #1211
SVH3: Claimed Trail :: HUMPIN Comes North
Saturday, December 16, 2023, 1:00 pm
: 37.2309846, -121.9193487
: Snuffle Up My Ass
: 73 °F / 23 °C, clear, light breeze.
Belgatos County Park.

There's park parking, as well as street parking on Belgatos Ln.

Who is this Snuffle character, anyway? Does it matter? He's haring!

Snuffles will be bringing some San Diego traditions and marks from the GREATEST HASH IN THE UNIVERSE to SVH3 - along with the kennel's motto that HUMPIN can make anything worse. Bring patches to trade!

There will be off-pavement trails! There will be beer! And there will even be a walker trail for those that don’t enjoy needless punishment.
Expect about 2.69 miles on the walker trail, 4.69+ on the runner. 1-2 beer checks, and plenty of opportunities to get f*cked. Trail will be stroller accessible… but hills are going to make it hard mode.

Hare: Snuffle Up My Ass
On After: Maybe Stevies?