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Fat Humans Athletic Club United
FHAC-U Run #508
FHAC-U: Bring ca$h. Have fun. Forget about it!
Thursday, January 25, 2024, 6:30 pm
: 37.2727093, -121.934345
: Shanghiney
: 49 °F / 9 °C, partially cloudy, light air.
Start is at 2101 Curtner. This appears to be the address for the dumpster between Lunardi's and McDonald's.
You could still hare this trail! Like a honey badger, Shanghiney don't give a fu@k!
Walkers 2 miles. Racists 3.69 miles; can be less if you're not feeling it.
Shiggy-free pavement pounder on a chilly, dry night. Bring: offspring, warm clothes, lamps, and CA$H. Sorry, pup pups!

One CASH ONLY BC/FC for all. See that @Hugh Hefner; this one's for U!
Prelube: Stevie's. Circle: Stevie's. On-after: Stevie's.
In case you don't read well, U NEED CA$H (or low morals) at the BC/FC.

Start: 2101 Curtner Ave., San Jose. Look for the other misfits.
Bring CA$H.