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Fat Humans Athletic Club United
FHAC-U Run #506
FHAC-U NYE Pub Trail!
Thursday, December 28, 2023, 6:30 pm
: 37.28902, -121.935451
: Today is Monday
: 59 °F / 15 °C, partially cloudy, light breeze.
Meet on the top floor of the pruneyard shopping center parking structure. Feel free to dress in the fashion of NYE and/or XxXMaS. The more sideboob, the better!

It's time to hit all those bars that we missed throughout the 2023 year! Expect a proper FHAC-U style trail with a length of 4mis. and a girth of 4 BC's! Most BC's will have food available, but not all. Trail is mostly not dog or baby friendly..but yall can figure something out. Money and ID required!