East Bay H3
EBH3 Run #1100
Dick First's Xmas Rockin' Eve
Sunday, December 24, 2023, 1:00 pm
: Estuary Park, Oakland
: 57 °F / 14 °C, partially cloudy, light air.
: Free, but bring card / ID for bars!

Aim for the west side of Estuary Park, in Jack London, Oakland. (For anyone who was there, this is the same spot as Cookies and Queen's trail #1079.) BART to Lake Merritt is strongly recommended.

BYOB if you want to drink before start. BRING CARD / ID!


Come one, come all hash Christmas orphans, locals, and other wankers to a Fog City / FHAC-U / etc.-style Xmas Eve pub crawl with some r*nning in between.

We'll meet at Estuary Park in Jack London for pre-run BYOB drinks (hare will try and grab a 12-pack or something, but don't count on it), then hit 3-4 Oakland bars, with trail segments in between. You can decide to walk directly between bars and get 1.69-2.69 miles of distance, or r*n every segment to get 4-6 miles total (depending on how much you check), or do any combination of trail and walks.

Dogs OK, strollers probably fine, and 🎶The shiggy on the hash / Is just downtown Oakland's trash.

BYOB if you want to drink before start. Trail itself is $free, but BRING CARD / ID FOR BARS!

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