East Bay H3
EBH3 Run #1088
3rd R*nning of the Bi-Anal EBH3 Poison Oakland Half Marathon (and other distances)
Sunday, July 9, 2023, 1:00 pm
: Redwood Bowl Parking Lot (Redwood Park, Oakland)
: Thirty Grit and Dirty Thirty
: 6 (regular) 10 (half marathon)

Cum one, cum all for EBH3’s favorite sufferfest!  Set in the hills of Oakland's beautiful Aurelia Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park and hared by the race-ist "30" sisters, this 13.1-mile hash event is exactly why we've come to be known as the Devil Hash.  The beer will be flowing - and you will work for it!  (I hope you've been training your livers like good little halfminds.)  What to expect: Live trail! Three beer checks! Views! Sights! Redwood forests!

Start/Finish: Redwood Bowl Staging Area.

The half marathon has an early 11:30AM start.  A third, yet-to-be named, hare will launch the rest of the pack around 1:30 PM.  The two packs will meet up to form a super pack.  "Other distances" include a regular Eagle (approximately 6 miles) and a Turkey (approximately 3 miles).  


The fine print:

Shiggy: Very little.

Poison Oak: Totally avoidable.

Vert: Yes.

Trail Shoes: Yes.

Dogs: Yes.

Strollers: Absolutely f*ucking not. (But there are plenty of stroller friendly trails about.)

Aid: The beer checks will be equipped with basic first aid, water jugs, and snacks, in addition to something tasty on tap.

Bathrooms: Three public restrooms along the 13.1.

On after: Under advisement.  There will be real food at circle.