East Bay H3
EBH3 Run #1082
Flaccid Tree Hash
Sunday, April 16, 2023, 1:00 pm
: Pinewood Picnic Site at Joaquin Miller Park
: Turbo Tw*t and Just Mavrik ()
: 61 °F / 16 °C, partially cloudy, gentle breeze.
: $6
: Beer
: D. Monaghan's on the Hill - 2820 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

Parking - You can park on Joaquin Miller Road near Sanborn Dr. Or you can turn into the park at Joaquin Miller and Sanborn Dr. and there are few parking lots and spots along the street in there.  Do not leave stuff in your car - there are bad guys.
Actual Start - Follow START chalk marks to us...we'll be at the Pinewood Picnic Site (unless huge crowds are there).

- Rain or Shine!
- Eagle (6+), Turkey (5) & Walker (3) Trails!
- 1 Beer Check
- Tough Dog Friendly on Leash - there are a few big trees down on trail!
- Not Stroller-Friendly but we can come up with something.
- Hash Cash $6. Pay via Venmo @Liat-Zavodivker or PayPal @liatkneadsdough
- Bring extra shoes & dry clothes for after run
- Do not leave anything visible in your car!  Lots of breakins.