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U.C. Berkeley

When: Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Bitch On The Side
Details: Navigation address: 2937 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA
Location: the park on the North side of Dwight Way (will be on your left)

This will be an ANIMAL HOUSE themed hash, coinciding with Fraternity Rush Week at UC Berkeley. Togas, cheerleaders, football players, nerds, Dean Wormer and his cougar wife, etc. The movie trailer from Animal House should give everyone the idea of what we're doing.
I'll set a trail right through the center of all of their frat rush parties happening that Sunday. We can be members of the "HHH" (Heta Heta Heta) fraternity, that is situated in an underused park at the end of Dwight Way in Berkeley. It has a picnic area, BBQ, and playground. I live in the neighborhood a few blocks from this spot.

Yes, this is Labor Day Weekend 2014. Labor Day is Monday, Sept. 1. So maybe the kids can stay up late cuz there's no school/work the next day.

I also checked the UC Berkeley Football Schedule. The team will be away, playing Northwestern on Saturday. Which means no home game = more street parking. Ideal conditions for an Animal House Hash.

I might even order Animal House Hash haberdashery and schwag for this event, since there's plenty of time to plan. I'll be looking for co-hares and helpers, especially those who were once members of frats or sororities at UC Berkeley, and who can help us crash some of the parties, although I don't think that will be too hard.

Ellen / BOTS

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